the Spring Break Six Pack


The ONLY 8-Week Program that Will Get You
the Abs You Want (and Deserve)!




Would you kill to have shredded abs for your
next trip?The Spring Break 6 Pack Program
Combines a Detailed Nutrition Plan with an
8-week Progressive Killer Ab Workout!




 The Spring Break Six-Pack FAQ

If there is one thing Men’s Fitness model and fitness guru Rob Murgatroyd knows how to do, it’s get abs!

And he did a few years AFTER turning 40!

Q: Who is the Spring Break Six-Pack perfect for?

A: First, the Spring Break Six-Pack is for MEN ONLY. Sorry ladies! This program is designed to do one thing- get you a six pack for your next trip! The catch is, this is for the guy who already has a weight training program, but is lacking definition in his abs!

The Spring Break Six-Pack includes an exercise program designed to build a killer six-pack of solid muscle, while the nutrition plan will turn your body into a fat-burning furnace!

Q: What is the difference between the Spring Break Six-Pack & the Jet Set Body Program?

A: The difference is —–> the Jet Set Body 90 Day program is a total body re-shaping system. It walks you from your very first day walking into the gym, through an incredible progressive total body transformation! It’s a full workout and progressive nutrition program.

The Spring Break Six-Pack is all about the abs…live, breathe, eat and sleep abs. So- If you’re just starting out and need a total body overhaul, Jet Set Body is the way to go. If you’re happy with everything BUT your abs….the Spring Break Six-Pack has your name all over it!

Check Out Jet Set Body Here

Q: Why did you create the Spring Break Six Pack?

A: Over the past year, we noticed a trend. Friends began calling us (usually last minute) and ask one question…”What can I do to get my abs to show for my vacation?”

As our Jet Set Body program is 90 days, we knew we had to give them something faster – so through months of trials, the Spring Break Six Pack was born!