Overachieving Men Over 40: What Do You Want to Know About Getting Shredded

Jet Set Body Mens Before After

Alright, Overachieving Men Over 40....it's your time to get your questions answered! There is not a day that goes by or a trip to the beach or pool that Rob isn't asked 999,999 questions about his body.... like... - How do you stay in such great shape year round, do you ever drink alcohol or eat sugar? - ...

The Spring Break Six Pack Program

Spring Break Six Pack

FYI: The is for MEN only!!!!! We field phones calls, texts and emails all the freakin' time from our guy friends begging us for what to do peak shape for their beach vacation. The catch is, they always wait till the last minute and only have a few months to get it together. Yeah, they workout ...

Two Minute Fit Tip: #10 Upping Your Game with Bosu Burpees

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Want a new little bad-ass exercise to add to your routine? Try the Bosu Burpee.... http://youtu.be/NlxM4KR0rvE

Fitness After 40: 5 Principals That Will Get You Shredded

Rob 40/45

So you're forty-ish, huh? Are you feeling excited and energized about the way your body (insert belly) looks or are you feeling like total sh*t about it? If its the latter. I've got good news. I can totally get you looking as good as you did in your Duran Duran days (remember them). Ok let's get ...

Testimonial: Andy Meeks Traveling Sales Guy With Abs!

Andy & Lori

Andy Meeks is a long-time friend of Rob & Kim. He and his wife Lori attacked the Jet Set Body Program together and got great results! Not just in appearance, but in health! These two smash all the excuses of 'not enough time', 'kids', 'travel' and 'work', showing that making the commitment to your health ...

Attention Men Over 40…Yes, Abs Are Possible!

Rob 40 Year Old Before After

The other day Rob and I were sitting in our computer room working. On our iMac, we have a gallery that plays all of our photo albums from the past 10 years. All of a sudden, this picture of Rob on a beach pops up. We almost died, he looked like a completely different person! ...

Are you a Diet Negotiator?


So here it is. You've made the commitment to...and I quote...."Get Fit!"...yeah!!! But, are you a diet negotiator? Chances are the answer is YES! The problem is, people want to get fit while still keeping there bad habits that got them out of shape to begin with. There are two types of "Diet Negotiators". Diet Negotiator Type ...